What to Consider When You Buy Wood Pallets

What is the minimum order quantity for your company?
We provide big volume discounts without a purchase minimum to appeal to both large and small consumers.
How do you calculate the cost of a wooden pallet?
The price of recycled wood pallets is determined by their size, condition, and grade.
How can I tell whether I require pallet removal services?
Companies frequently find themselves with an excess of pallets. When non-reusable pallets begin to pile up in your warehouse or yard, you should consider hauling them away.
What other things do you recycle?
Pallets and other recyclables such as wooden reels, plastic pallets, corrugated boxes, drums, totes, barrels, crates, and dunnage are all removed as part of our recycling program.
What can I create with a pallet of wood?
Pallets built from reclaimed wood may be used to make a variety of items. Pallet beds, pallet tables, raised vegetable beds, and clubhouses are just a few examples of wood pallet project ideas.
Why should you choose with 360 Pallet Solutions?
We are preferred by local businesses. They understand that our environmentally friendly services and high-quality goods are unrivalled in Atlanta and the neighboring areas.
Is it possible to book hauling services on a monthly basis?
Yes, we provide weekly, biweekly, and monthly garbage collection services.